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Artistic approach " The art of Georges Rossi "

"The freedom of art is to allow oneself all the emotions without dogma, nor religion, brute, ferocious in the wild" Georges Rossi
The encounter with art, or listening to one's inner voice
It wasn't until he was 33 years old that Georges returned to painting. What was until then only a pleasure (studies at the Beaux Arts and School of Applied Art in Lyon) suddenly became a reason for being, a source of calm and quietness in his life. The trigger was in the bookshop of Chambéry: "The art of Robert Bateman". Through this book, an immaterial force reminded him of painting.
Georges' art has evolved and continues to evolve. From a realistic animalist academic art, he borrows year after year a style more and more personal and assertive: free, modern, more introspective. His art is meant to be a parable. His paintings invite us to live in harmony with nature. Georges Rossi's animals look and observe, they feel men and send them back to their duty: that of evolving and not falling back into savagery. It is also through painting that Georges wishes to remind people of the essentials of life and invites them to reconnect with their deepest Self. He uses animal purity to show men that they too often live in repression of their emotions, a source of suffering in our modern societies. His paintings are meant to be felt like a punch.
Georges Rossi has a deep conviction: art is and must be within everyone's reach. It is the public in fine that decides whether or not to adhere to the artist's universe. His wish, to be recognized as "the Tarzan of the cities"...