Lynx Pardelle Spanish male.
120cm x 150cm.
Oil on medium.
I painted these lynxs in this way in order to have a couple. I only used two colour ranges and instead used more materials. The lynx Pardelle are very protected in Spain as they are so special to the country and are endangered.
Lynx in winter.
60cm x 40cm.
This landscape is inspired from a lovely area called "Les Beauges". I included a sleepy lynx in order to create a peaceful atmosphere.
Private Collection.
Wolf front the civilization.
140cm x 200cm.
Oil on sign of wood.
I painted this wolf so that people who have never seen one know what it looks like. I painted it looking fearful because it is scared of the man. Wouldn't you be scared of those who are able and have killed your own kind ? Civilization is represented by the fence as man puts fences everywhere to claim as his own.
Wolf in winter.
40cm x 60cm.
I created this scenery inspired close to my home, then i added a wolf observed before in wildlife park, I gave to him his freedom in my own way.
Private Collection.
Siberian tiger.
27cm x 41cm.
Oil on canvas board.
I painted this tiger knowing from personal experience, in the depths of Siberia, a tiger would be sleeping like this one.
Bengal tiger.
120cm x 150cm.
Here, we can see a young tiger who has attacked something. Today I liked seeing wildlife.
The revenge of the tiger.
I painted this after I read a story about a Siberian trapper who committed a fatal error as he took a piece of the wild boar, killed by the tiger. Here, you can see that the tiger has followed the "thief" to his home, a hut.
The rest of the warrior
40cm x 60cm.
The scenery for the Siberian tiger was inspired in the Haute Maurienne.
Private Collection.
Bengal baby tiger.
90cm x 90cm.
Pastel and gouache on canson paper.
Private Collection.
China panther.
I painted a china panther with china ink on canson paper.
Private Collection.
110cm x 90cm.
This is a former work of myself with pastels. We see the brushstrokes that I added afterwards. I am able to retouch paintings after many years, if this one is not sold now.
Royal eagle.
100cm x 120cm.
Oil on medium.
The canvas clearly demonstrates that something is happening. He has probably caught a prey of some sorts, but what animal ? I like to leave for the people to use their imagination. My canvas are less and less « wise », as the wild art take precident.
Malaysia Owl
120cm x 120cm.
I worked on this project in order to create a style "sketchbook" using some flat shade.
My tawny owl.
120x120 cm.
A friend gave me this tawny owl so i took the opportunity to make a canvas.
Private Collection.
green aracari.
Oil on canvas.
Aracari is in fact a little Toucan. I represented it larger on a bigger format to show the influence that Harry Shing , one of my masters, has had on me.
Aracari of Beauharnais.
90cm x 100cm.
Very realistic period! I got tired, by far a cormorant is a big raven, nearly it’s quite different.
Private Collection.
30cm x 50cm.
60cm x 90cm.
Acrylic on canvas.
I love this bird. I willing this decor in my workshop, then i added this bird for give a story.
172cm x 240 cm.
Private collection.
150cm x 120cm.
Private Collection.
Orangutan baby.
100cm x 90cm.
This was my first auction! At the time, i worked with pastels and coloured pencils. Today, i work with knives.
Private Collection.
Saltwater Crocodile.
110cm x 110cm.
It is called this because his skin is able to withstand the saltwater. When I was travelling in Australia, there were big warnings in front of rivers with the caption "No swimming allowed, beware crocodile !'' It really took away any urge to swim !
Private Collection.
The diamondback rattlesnake.
154cm x 154cm.
This snake reminds me of the old West. When I was a child, I remember seeing a horse rear up after encountering this reptile and kicking its rider off.
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